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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log into BYU-Pathway?

Go to Log in with your Church account information at In the BYU-Pathway Portal, click on the course name* In Canvas, click on the course name Click “Modules” Read and click through Table of Contents Complete all lesson activities Check for Announcements Update your Profile

Where can I find information about CANVAS LMS at BYU?

The BYU Information and Help Center is the information portal for all Canvas users at BYU. Head there for all resources regarding Canvas LMS at BYU. The Canvas Training Page at will direct you to training resources and opportunities here at BYU.

How do I get access to canvas?

Once you have determined you need Canvas access, read on to learn how to get it: All of those enrolled in the AIM registration system in a BYU class using Canvas LMS are automatically provided access to Canvas at . Log in through CAS using your BYU NetID and associated password.

How do I contact BYU OIT support for canvas?

For technical assistance with Canvas (missing enrollments, errors, etc.), contact BYU OIT Support at | 801-422-4000. For general Canvas questions / how-to guidance, email [email protected] .

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