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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BYU really like?

Byu is a great place to work while you are a student going to school. There are many jobs and they are close to classes. The financial aide office is a great place to work and also to gain info about how to apply to financial aide. Sometimes the customers calling in can be rude but not often. Was this review helpful?

Does BYU only recruit Mormons?

“But wait!” you say. “BYU basically only hires Mormons, and there aren’t that many Mormons of color who have the qualifications to teach at BYU.” I have no idea if there are Mormons of color with the credential BYU is looking for. But assume that there aren’t: BYU made the deliberate decision to hire only Mormons.

Why do people go to BYU?

Brigham Young University-Idaho provides a unique educational experience with the objective of preparing students for lifelong learning, employment, and roles as leaders in their homes, the Church, and communities. To this end, BYU-Idaho strives to foster a healthy academic, cultural, and social environment.

Who founded BYU and when?

When financial difficulty forced another closure, on October 16, 1875, Brigham Young, then president of the LDS Church, deeded the property to trustees to create Brigham Young Academy after earlier hinting a school would be built in Draper, Utah, in 1867. Hence, October 16, 1875, is commonly held as BYU's founding date.

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