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Frequently Asked Questions

How to welcome new wikiHow users?

Go to the new pages list and edit new articles. Fix spelling mistakes on them, copyedit or format it, etc. Leave a message for the contributor that started the article, and if they're new, you can welcome them to wikiHow. Mention that they did a good job creating a helpful article, and give them praise.

How to become a wikiHow admin?

Steps Decide whether you want to become a Wikipedia admin or not. Being an admin is a lot of responsibility and it requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Be an active member of Wikipedia for at least a few years (about 2 or 3) and make a lot of good changes (at least 4000 edits) which help ... Nominate yourself by following these instructions. ... More items...

How to be pretty according to wikiHow?

Steps Eat healthy. Eating healthy is a very important thing. ... Exercise is an important thing to do. If we don't exercise we get fat and lazy. ... Don't wear too much makeup. Too much can make you look like a clown or somebody who doesn't know proportions. Wear neutral color clothing. ... Make sure to believe in yourself! ...

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