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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best golf courses in Montana?

Wilderness Club- Eureka, MT. Located in the Tobacco Valley near Sophie Valley, the Wilderness Club boasts a large expansive course with tree-lined fairways. This Nick Faldo designed course has been awarded #1 Best Golf Course in Montana by Golfweek and Golf Magazine in 2012 which speaks to its true natural beauty.

What is Valley golf course?

Valley View Golf Course is a public golf course located in Crestline, Ohio. The course originally opened in 1964 and was designed by Emerson Stuckman, it features bentgrass greens and fairways.

What is golf course management?

At the heart of the matter, golf course management is really about putting yourself in situations that play to your strengths, and avoiding situations that expose your weaknesses. Think about the golf course like the defense of a football team.

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