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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a bread machine worth it?

If you have a bread machine it does not mean you will not be able to make artisan bread. It only means that you have an extra tool in your arsenal. At the end of the day, bread machines are very convenient, useful and worth every penny.

Are bread machines worth the cost?

There are many reasons why you should invest in a good bread machine, some of the reasons are; it lowers the cost of producing your bread by half, you can customize your recipe and add healthier ingredients and lastly, you can cook in batches so that your family gets a week-long supply of fresh bread.

Is a bread machine a good investment?

Yes, with some caveats. Bread machines make great sandwich loaves. It will, in fact, make the best sandwich bread you’ve ever had. If this is a staple food item for you, the bread machine is a great investment. If you’re after other styles of bread, the machine is not necessarily a good match.

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