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Frequently Asked Questions

What college football teams are in Washington State?

Washington State Cougars football. The Washington State Cougars football program is the intercollegiate American football team for Washington State University, located in the U.S. state of Washington. The team competes at the NCAA Division I level in the FBS and is a member of the North Division of the Pac-12 Conference (Pac-12).

What sports teams are in Washington State?

The Washington State Cougars are the athletic teams that represent Washington State University. The school is a member of the Pac-12 Conference, which participates in the NCAA Division I, and is located in Pullman, Washington. The athletic program comprises ten women's sports and six men's sports. The school also offers various intramural sports.

What sports are in Washington State?

If you’re a sports fan you’ll love Washington State, home to professional baseball, football, soccer and hockey teams, as well as numerous top-ranked college teams. Whatever sport or level of play you enjoy watching, Washington is a great place for spectator sports.

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