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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Washington still make the playoffs?

Washington still has a chance to make the playoffs but they would have to win today against the Eagles, beat the Giants next week, and get some help from other teams. Today's games against the Philadelphia Eagles will once again test the teams depth.

Why did the NFL move the Washington game from Sunday to Tuesday?

Friday, the NFL officially moved the game from Sunday at 1 p.m. ET to Tuesday at 7 p.m. ET, due to medical concerns regarding the COVID-19 outbreak in Washington’s locker room.

Is the Washington football team in good financial shape to pursue QBs?

The Washington Football Team is in good financial shape to pursue a franchise quarterback in the offseason. On Monday, Washington’s financial position got a bit stronger.

How good is Washington’s offensive line?

As a team, Washington was No. 9 in pass-block win rate and No. 1 in run-block win rate. Now, you understand why the metrics favor Washington’s offensive line success.

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