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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a tropical storm Elsa in Tampa Bay?

The 10 Tampa Bay team of meteorologists will keep you posted online and on television around the clock as this system develops in the coming days. Elsa, a 65-mph tropical storm, sent bands of heavy rain and gusty winds into the Tampa Bay area Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning.

How will hurricane Elsa affect your area?

While hurricane-force winds could affect parts of our area, the biggest impact we’re keeping an eye on with Elsa is rainfall and storm surge. In its advisories, the National Hurricane Center warns that the combination of storm surge and the tide will cause areas near the coast that are usually dry to flood with rising waters moving inland.

Will tropical storm Elsa hit Longboat Key?

Tropical Storm Elsa continues its trek up Florida's west coast with 65-mph winds. It's expected to make landfall along the north Florida Gulf coast late Wednesday morning or early afternoon. Tropical storm and storm surge warnings have been discontinued south of the middle of Longboat Key.

What was Elsa's impact on Florida?

State of play: As it neared the Florida coast, Elsa brought wind and rain to the area, but its worst-case scenarios, including a storm surge timed to high tide, didn’t materialize overnight in the immediate metro area.

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