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Frequently Asked Questions

What are pelleted catalyst supports?

What Are Pelleted Catalyst Supports? Pelleted catalyst supports, also known as "beaded" or "particulate" supports, were used in the early years of automotive emission control technology. In the U.S. GM was the major company using pelleted catalysts, while Ford and others used monoliths.

What is a true catalyst?

Catalyst: A substance that increases reaction rate by altering the reaction mechanism. A true catalyst is regenerated at some point in the reaction mechanism, and need only be present in substoichiometic amount. In addition, a true catalyst does not alter ΔG or Keq for the reaction.

What are some examples of catalysts?

There are many good examples of catalysts. Some famous ones are: The Iron catalyst used in the Haber-Bosch process, which is the main industrial process for ammonia production. This process is critical for world wide fertilizer production and is a multi-billion dollar industry that enables massive scales...

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