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Frequently Asked Questions

What is single care and how does it work?

SingleCare works directly with pharmacies to negotiate up to 80% off prescription prices. We pass these savings onto our members, free of charge. Look up prescriptions to find the lowest prices in your area. Click on a prescription to customize the dosage and quantity. Download, text, or email yourself a free SingleCare coupon card.

Who pays for single care?

“A system of health care characterized by universal and comprehensive coverage. Single-payer health care is similar to the health services provided by Medicare in the U.S. The government pays for care that is delivered in the private (mostly not-for-profit) sector.

Does singlecare really work?

This is also convenient for people who frequently travel. SingleCare does really help people add up on their savings by reducing costs in medical expenses. If you want to save more money but still be in good health, you may want to consider being a member of the website to get the best benefits.

Who can use singlecare?

Who can use the SingleCare? These cards can be used by everyone, not just people without insurance. That includes you! They can even be used by people with health benefits, including Medicaid or Medicare. Where can I use the SingleCare? The card is accepted at over 35,000+ pharmacies nationwide.

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