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Frequently Asked Questions

What is scatter?

Definition of scatter (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : the act of scattering 2 : a small quantity or number irregularly distributed or strewn about : scattering 3 : the state or extent of being scattered especially : dispersion

What is the difference between scatter and dispel?

To scatter is to separate something tangible into parts at random, and drive these in different directions: The wind scattered leaves all over the lawn. To dispel is to drive away or scatter usually intangible things so that they vanish or cease to exist: Photographs of the race dispelled all doubts as to which horse won.

What is the opposite of scatter?

Scatter: a small number. Synonyms: couple, few, handful… Antonyms: army, crowd, flock… Find the right word.

What does it mean when someone shouts 'Everybody scatter'?

If you hear someone shout "Everybody scatter !” that person wants everyone to spread out and leave the area. Scatter is a verb that means "to separate suddenly and spread out in different directions.". Scatter is sometimes used as a noun to refer to something that has been scattered. If you have clothes strewn all over your room,...

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