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Frequently Asked Questions

Who was King Saul in the Bible?

Saul was chosen by God himself to be the first king of Israel. Saul defeated many of the enemies of his country, including the Ammonites, Philistines, Moabites, and Amalekites. He united the scattered tribes, giving them greater strength. He reigned for 42 years. King Saul was courageous in battle. He was a generous king.

What does שָׁאוּל‬ (Saul) mean?

Saul (/sɔːl/; Hebrew: שָׁאוּל‬, Modern Ša’ul, Tiberian Šā’ul, meaning "asked for, prayed for"; Latin: Saul; Arabic: طالوت‎, Ṭālūt or شاؤل, Ša'ūl), according to the Hebrew Bible, was the first king of the Kingdom of Israel and Judah.

What is the meaning of the name Saul?

The name “Saul,” from the Hebrew word pronounced shaw-ool, means “asked.” Saul was the son of Kish from the tribe of Benjamin. Saul came from a wealthy family (1 Samuel 9:1) and was tall, dark and handsome in appearance. Scripture states that “there was not a man among the sons of Israel more handsome than he,...

How good of a military leader was Saul?

Aside from that incident of fear and uncertainty, Saul was a competent military leader. He was good enough that his rule was solidified by his victory at Jabesh-Gilead. As part of the triumph, he was again proclaimed king at Gilgal (1 Samuel 11:1–15).

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