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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Safeco Insurance a good insurance company?

Safeco is a pretty good insurance company. WalletHub’s editors give Safeco a rating of 2.9/5 because of its large network of insurance agents, long list of coverage options, and good claims process. However, Safeco can do better when it comes to its customer service and prices.

Is Safeco good homeowners insurance company?

Safeco is a solid home insurance company for those who want core coverage with a handful of additional protection options. Its standard coverage is fairly limited, but its multiple discounts give you the opportunity to reduce your monthly bill.

What type of insurance does Safeco offer?

Safeco, of the parent group Liberty Mutual, offers auto insurance in most of the United States and has a good consumer rating. Fewer complaints are registered with Safeco than other comparable companies. If you’re looking for good insurance but want some discounts in order to keep things affordable, Safeco might have what you need.

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