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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find rent to own homes?

Find Rent to Own Homes at HomeFinder We’re happy to see you here at HomeFinder, the online real estate portal that makes finding rent to own property listings easy, regardless of where your search is focused. The popularity of rent-to-own is growing each day, with properties of every style and size in locales throughout the country.

Is rent-to-own a good alternative to a mortgage?

For those who are ready to make one last move into a home, but are not yet prepared for a mortgage, rent-to-own can be a great alternative. With this option, a portion of the rent goes toward the purchase price of the home, allowing the prospective buyer to work toward the needed down payment while already living in the home as a tenant.

What percentage of rent-to-owners want to buy a home?

According to a survey by the Federal Trade Commission : • Most of those who enter into a rent-to-own lease (67%) do intend to buy the home, although only 58% do go on to make the purchase. • The vast majority of those who rent-to-own, nearly 80%, are 18 to 44 years of age.

Can you rent-to-own a home with zerodown?

With ZeroDown, you can rent-to-own almost any home available as long as you have 2-3% of the purchase price. While traditional mortgages require an immediate down payment that locks you into a 15-30 year commitment, ZeroDown gives you a 3-year period to live in a home before you make a down payment.

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