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Frequently Asked Questions

What is radar system?

1. Radar Systems —Overview Radar Systems 2 Basic Principle of Radar Radar is used for detecting the objects and finding their location. We can understand the basic principle of Radar from the following figure.

What are the basic principles of radar?

The principles of radar are as follows: Transmitter: The transmitter transmits the high power signals into the space with short duration. Duplexer: The function of the duplexer is to alternately switch the antenna between transmitter and receiver.

What is the power received by the radar?

• If the effective area of the receiving antenna is denoted Ae, the power Pr, received by the radar is • The maximum radar range Rmax is the distance beyond which the target cannot be detected. It occurs when the received echo signal power P, just equals the minimum detectable signal Smin,

What is basic pulse radar?

The Radar, which operates with pulse signal for detecting stationary targets, is called the Basic Pulse Radaror simply, Pulse Radar. It uses single Antenna for both transmitting and receiving signals with the help of Duplexer. Antenna will transmit a pulse signal at every clock pulse.

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