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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to reset the fivem radar data?

This is a really odd issue and so far there is no reliable fix as there is no repro. Some of the things to try include: Restart FiveM Type /reset_radar_data in chat, then fully restart FiveM without opening the remote

What is rs9000 traffic enforcement radar system?

RS9000 is a realistic traffic enforcement radar system for FiveM servers. Warning: RS9000 is a work in progress. Currently there is no guarantee on the stability of the software. All features are subject to change. Control of the radar system is done using the control panel.

How do you use the radar system in GTA 5?

This radar system comes with a remote control screen, which lets you configure your radar, when in-game, press LCtrl + M (LCtrl must be held first) to open the menu. You must be in a police vehicle to open the menu, these are vehicles that have the VC_EMERGENCY class.

How does the fast display work on the radar?

If a vehicle is detected to be travelling faster than the set speed limit, its speed is tracked in the FAST display corresponding with the antenna that is tracking the vehicle (top for front, bottom for rear). If enabled, the radar will beep when a speeding vehicle is detected.

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