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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Puerto mean in Spanish?

Puerta (plural: Puertas) is the Spanish word for "gate(/s)" which are the gates in the Philippine Walled city of Intramuros.

What are some reasons to visit Puerto Rico?

Top Five Reasons To Visit Puerto Rico. Beaches: Puerto Rico has many beaches . From secluded to popular beaches, visitors can have their choice of beaches facing the Atlantic or the Caribbean. The beaches of the town of Rincon, are known worldwide for its surfing, and Flamenco Beach in Culebra, is considered one of the World's top beaches. If...

What are the best places to visit in Puerto Rico?

Tourist areas of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Isla Verde, Puerto Rico, is the major tourist spot on the island. Isla Verde, has the best beach in the San Juan area, and it is surrounded by resorts, including The Ritz Carlton, El San Juan Hotel, The Intercontinental Hotel and many more.

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