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Frequently Asked Questions

How far is Clearwater Florida from Dunedin Florida?

Distance from Dunedin to Clearwater. Distance between Dunedin and Clearwater is 7 kilometers (4 miles). Driving distance from Dunedin to Clearwater is 8 kilometers (5 miles).

How far is Clearwater Florida to Naples Florida?

Distance from Naples to Clearwater. Distance between Naples and Clearwater is 226 kilometers (140 miles). Driving distance from Naples to Clearwater is 279 kilometers (174 miles).

Is Clearwater, FL safe?

With miles of soft white sand and sparkling waterways, Clearwater's beaches rate among the best in the state and in the nation. Enjoy it all, but please observe the following beach rules: No alcohol is permitted on Clearwater's public beaches. Swim within the "Safe Bathing Limit" at all times.

Are there waves in Clearwater, Florida?

Things To Do In Clearwater, Florida. Clearwater Beach offers some of the most spectacular views. The ocean waves are gentle and warm. Clearwater Beach has pure white sand that is perfect for sunbathing or building sand castles. Another interesting place to see for spectacular beaches near Clearwater is Treasure Island.

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