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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find an inmate in County Jail?

To find an inmate within the Los Angeles County jail system go to the Los Angeles County Inmate Information Center. *You must enter the inmate’s complete last name and at least the first letter of the first name before the “Search” button will work. Enter the complete, correctly spelled last name of the inmate.

How do you search for an inmate in Florida?

The easiest way to find an inmate in Florida is to use the Inmate Population Information Search tool provided by the Florida Department of Corrections. This tool is used to locate an inmate that is currently in the Florida prison system, but not those that are on probation or parole.

How long can an inmate stay in the county jail?

How long can an inmate remain in the county jail after being…. Any and all time will be applied to the 18 month sentence, should he be transferred. However, it is not uncommon for sentences up to 18 months be allowed to be completed in the county jail. Currently, it appears he has 358 days to apply to the 545 day (18 month) sentence.

How do you find someone in jail?

The best way to find someone in jail for free is On the site’s homepage, select the state where you want to search. You can search by their inmate ID number or by first and last name. Optional fields to narrow down the search results are date of birth or age range.

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