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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Orange County correctional facility in New York?

Orange County Correctional Facility Prison Information Jail Name Orange County Correctional Facility Jail Type County Jail Location 110 Wells Farm Road, Goshen, NY, 10924 Contact Numbers 845-291-7758, 845-291-7713 City Goshen 4 more rows ...

How do I find an inmate in Orange County Jail?

Inmate Search The Orange County Correctional Facility website hosts a search engine where one can locate an inmate by entering their full last name and first name (or partial parts of the first name.) There is also a daily booking report that lists persons booked within the past 24 hours.

How many people are in the Orange County Jail?

ORANGE County has 5,047 jails with an average daily population of 623 inmates with a total of 6,082 jail population. When breaking down the ORANGE County jail population by gender, females are a minority compared to male prisoners and make 13% with 769 female and 5,237 male inmates.

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