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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Microsoft OneDrive cost money?

Yes, has free version. Pricing Details (Provided by Vendor): OneDrive: Free storage for personal files. OneDrive for Business Plan 1: $5.00 user/month (annual commitment) OneDrive for Business Plan 2: $10.00 user/month (annual commitment) Contact Microsoft for detailed pricing information.

Is Microsoft one drive free?

Microsoft shipped updates and new features to OneDrive on just about every platform, including macOS, Windows, and the web. Free at App Store OneDrive is a convenient way to store files, photos, and videos in the cloud. You can access it from a wide range ...

What are the features of Microsoft OneDrive?

OneDrive, developed by Microsoft, is a file hosting service and file synchronization service. It was first launched in August 2007. Microsoft OneDrive allows you to store personal data and files, such as photos, documents, pictures, etc. It also enables you to sync system settings, visual customizations, themes, app settings, Microsoft Edge’s ...

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