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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Moonlite Bunny Ranch?

The Moonlite Bunny Ranch, often spelled Moonlight Bunny Ranch, first opened in 1955 and was called the Moonlite Ranch and operated discreetly until Hof, who was a frequent customer of the ranch, purchased the business in 1993 for $700,000 and invested another $500,000 in upgrading the facilities and decor. 1.

Did Moonlite Bunny Ranch endorse Hillary Clinton?

In 2015, The Moonlite Bunny Ranch Launched “Hookers for Hillary” to Support Hillary Clinton’s Bid for President Sex workers at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch launched a “Hookers for Hillary ” website that endorsed the former secretary of state’s campaign for president, according to the Washington Times.

What is the Bunny Ranch?

“At the Bunny Ranch, beautiful women offer unparalleled sexual adventure in a legal, safe, and nonjudgmental environment where men, women, and couples can thoroughly explore their deepest sensual fantasies,” the website states.

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