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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the MTCA?

MTCA funds and directs the investigation, cleanup, and prevention of sites that are contaminated by hazardous substances. It works to protect people’s health and the environment, and to preserve natural resources for the future.

What is model Toxics Control Act (MTCA)?

The Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA) is one of several environmental laws in Washington. Known as the state’s cleanup law, MTCA governs the cleanup and prevention of contaminated sites that can threaten people’s health and the environment.

What is MTCA 2022?

The weekend concludes with a private awards ceremony! MTCA 2022 REGISTRATION NOW OPEN! MTCA is the PREMIERE National Educational Musical Theatre Competition in the USA! ACTING UP! THEATRE FOR YOUTH

How many sites have been cleaned up with MTCA?

More than 7,400 contaminated sites in Washington have been cleaned up with MTCA funds and collection authority since it became law in 1989. That’s more than half of the state's 13,700+ cleanup sites. MTCA’s role is becoming even more essential because between 200 to 300 new sites are reported each year.

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