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Frequently Asked Questions

What time does the craft store Michaels close?

So let us get started. In Short: Normally, Michaels store operates from the mid-morning at 09:00 am and closes around late evening at 9:00 pm on regular days. You can have a look at the opening and closing table schedule of Michaels during regular days for better understanding, i.e., from Monday to Sunday.

Who owns Michaels craft store?

Michaels, a retailer of arts and crafts, will be acquired by Apollo Global Management for $3 billion in cash. There are $3 billion in revenue. Michael’s share price per share will be $22 when Apollo purchases the shares.

What times does Michaels close?

Most Michaels stores open at 9 a.m. and close at 9 p.m., Monday to Friday. Please be sure to keep in mind that Michaels hours of operation vary from one individual store to another. However, all the stores open in the morning and close at night. Is Michaels Open on Saturday & Sunday?

Which Michaels Stores are closing?

Michaels Google Maps/YMQ Lam The well-known craft retailer, Michaels is shuttering locations this year. The storefront at 1022 Alberni Street in Vancouver, which has been there for almost a decade, has fallen victim to the close, as well as its Yonge Street location at 5051 Yonge Street, North York.

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