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Frequently Asked Questions

Does MetLife have dental insurance?

MetLife dental insurance plans can give your children access to a wide variety of dental providers. These plans can provide your children with high-quality dental care, in or out of your dental network. When your children need dental care, bring them to Kool Smiles where we have MetLife general dentists ready to treat your children.

Does MetLife offer individual dental plans?

MetLife individual dental insurance policies typically cover four areas of dental treatment: preventive care, basic care, major procedures and orthodontia, according to the University of Chicago. These plans include preferred provider organization plans and copayment plans.

Does MetLife offer health insurance?

MetLife health insurance offers coverage options for long-term care and disability income. Long-term care insurance is intended to help individuals plan for the future and provides benefits in the event of a long-term illness or injury.

Does MetLife cover dentures?

Most cleaning and testing is 100% covered. The MetLife dental network includes more than 146,000 suppliers, so it's easy to find the right dentist. Our plans give you the flexibility to visit online or offline providers. Most cleaning and testing is 100% covered. Does MetLife cover root canals? Repair of crowns, dentures and bridges / resurfacing.

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