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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you teach directions to ESL students?

‘ – ‘ Go straight 1 block and turn left. It’s on the left. ‘ Once students have completed the map, they can compare their map with their partner’s. Both maps should be the same if they followed the directions correctly. For more worksheets to teach directions, and other ESL topics, check out our worksheets page.

How can I use map directions ESL activity in the classroom?

By using this Map Directions ESL Activity, you can improve your students listening skills and get them to practice telling directions. The activity is appropriate for all levels and age groups. To do this activity, you need to have access to Google Maps in your classroom.

What is this English directions worksheet for?

This worksheet is great for kids and beginner ESL students to review giving directions in English. This directions worksheet is great to review words used when giving directions. Students should connect the words to the correct picture.

How do the students write the locations on the map?

The students' task is to ask their partner for directions to eight places and write the locations on the map. One student goes first and asks their partner for directions to one of the places written on the worksheet. The student listens to their partner's directions and marks the location by writing the name of the place on the map.

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