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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the oldest lightsaber in Star Wars?

The Ancient Crossguard Lightsaber is one of the oldest in existence. While there are other crossguard lightsabers, all of which varied in nature and style, this ancient green lightsaber came with three vents — one on the top and two on the side. This lightsaber was found by Ezra Bridger during the events of Star Wars Rebels on Malachor.

How many prongs does a lightsaber have?

The hilt fed into two physical prongs where the blade would spring from. To date, it has only appeared once, in the Walt Disney World experience Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire. It remains a unique artifact in Star Wars lore as one of the first lightsabers ever constructed.

What kind of lightsabers did the Jedi Guard use?

The Jedi Temple Guards used a very unusual variety of lightsabers. These pikes were given to Jedi Knights tasked with guarding the Temple. While double-bladed lightsabers are not inherently unusual, these pikes emitted a pale yellow blade from either end.

Why is the Mandalorian lightsaber black?

The blade was crafted by the first Mandalorian Jedi, Tarre Vizsla, in 1032 BBY. It is unique for its black, narrow blade, which responded to the emotional state of those who wielded it. It was perfect for parrying since it actually drew rival lightsabers to its blade.

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