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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Legion pulse a good pre workout?

Legion Pulse is not a bad pre workout supplement, but it certainly is not good enough to rank amongst our top three. We see this as essentially just another average pre workout. There isn’t really anything special about Legion Pulse. That’s not to say it isn’t effective.

Does pre workout make you gain weight?

Used correctly and combined with a well-designed workout program and a sensible diet, pre-workouts should not cause weight gain. However, if your pre-workout stimulates you to eat more food than usual, you may find your weight increasing. In contrast, pre-workouts CAN lead to weight gain by increasing muscle mass or causing water retention.

What are good pre workouts?

Best pre-workout overall: Transparent Labs Pre-Workout BULK and LEAN. Whether you’re lifting for strength and size or hitting the gym to shed some pounds, Transparent Labs has you covered. The BULK formulation is packed with amino acids for rapid muscle growth, and the LEAN formulation is designed for optimal fat oxidation. ...

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