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Frequently Asked Questions

What are LCDCS and why are they important?

It recommended the introduction of LCDCs in each local authority area as a way of improving community development and giving local government a more central role in local and community development. The Local Government Reform Act 2014 provides a stronger and clearer role for local government in economic development and community development.

What is a local contacts LCC?

Contacts LCDCs are groups established in each local authority area. LCDCs draw on the expertise and experience of public and private people and organisations in each local authority area. LCDCs are responsible for:

How much does it cost to get an LCDC license?

(PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ/VIEW ALL OF THE MATERIAL THOROUGHLY.) You will be required to pay the $50 application fee ($35 if you are converting from an LCDC II or an OCPS to a higher license/certificate).

What does the land conservation and Development Commission do?

Oregon's Land Conservation and Development Commission (LCDC), assisted by the department, adopts state land-use goals and implements rules, assures local plan compliance with the goals, coordinates state and local planning, and oversees the coastal zone management program.

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