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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the movie Jailhouse Rock about?

Jailhouse Rock is a 1957 American musical drama film directed by Richard Thorpe and starring Elvis Presley, Judy Tyler, and Mickey Shaughnessy. Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) and dramatized by Guy Trosper from a story written by Nedrick Young, the film is about a young man sentenced to prison...

When was Jailhouse Rock released?

Jailhouse Rock premiered in Memphis, Tennessee, on October 17, 1957, and was released nationwide on November 8, 1957. It peaked at number three on the Variety box office chart, and reached number 14 in the year's box-office totals, grossing $4 million.

Is Elvis Presley in Jailhouse Rock?

VDOMDHTMLtml> Elvis Presley makes his feature film debut in this critically-acclaimed classic. While serving time for manslaughter, young Elvis is taught how to play the guitar by his cellmate. Watch Jailhouse Rock | Prime Video Skip to main content .us Prime Video

What was the first scene of 'Jailhouse Rock' filmed?

The first scene to be filmed was the title dance sequence to the song "Jailhouse Rock". Alex Romero, who created moves inspired by Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, who incidentally was present at the wings when the first dress rehearsals for the scene were executed, tried his best to choreograph the sequence.

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