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Frequently Asked Questions

Is instrumental music a circumstance of worship?

The employment of instrumental music, as a concomitant of worship, is a circumstance peculiar to the church as a distinctive society. The analogy in every respect breaks down. Fourthly, If the church has bells, it is asked, why may it not have organs? They are both instruments of sound which serve an ecclesiastical purpose.

Is instrumental music in Christian worship scriptural?

There is no command to Christians in scripture that we should use musical instruments when we worship God. There is not even a statement by which we might clearly infer such a thing. The practice has no precedent among first-century Christians who worshipped under the apostles' instruction and guidance.

Is music neutral in worship?

In short, music does not have a neutral value in the Scriptures and if some music is suitable for orderly worship in the Church, then the implication is that some music is not suitable for the divine service.

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