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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mercmercenaries in Hearthstone?

Mercenaries is a completely new way to play Hearthstone, so much that it looks like a different GAME and not just a new game mode. The mode borrows heavily from roguelike genre – it shares similarities with games like Darkest Dungeon or Slay the Spire.

What tier are the Best Hearthstone mercenaries in PvP?

The sub division might need a little info however. These are the best hearthstone mercenaries in PvP ranked from S-Tier (usually indicated as Super Tier, the Mercenaries that are beyond even the usually good Mercenaries) down to C-Tier which we have to assume is the range slightly above 50%.

What do the different pieces of equipment do for each mercenary?

Each Mercenary has a total of three pieces of equipment, which are unique to that Mercenary. Equipment improves the abilities or stats of your Mercenaries. For example – it can make them more durable, reduce the cooldown of abilities or increase the damage they deal.

What is village and how to use it in mercenaries?

Mercenaries launches on October 12. Village is your main hub, where you manage your Mercenaries and everything between actual gameplay happens. It’s kind of like “main menu” of the format, just in a visual form.

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