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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 60 a good heart rate?

When exercising, a 60-year-old should aim for a heart rate of 80 to 136 beats per minute (bpm). At 65, the ideal heart rate should be between 78 and 132 bpm, and at 70 years of age, from 75 to 128 bpm.

What your heart rate is telling you?

What your heart rate is telling you. Between 60 and 100 beat per minute is considered to be a normal pulse, however there are many reasons why it might be slower or faster. This could be because of your age, medications, caffeine, level of fitness, any other illness including heart conditions, stress and anxiety.

Is 60 beats per minute a good heart rate?

The Claim: A Normal Heart Rate Is 60 to 100 Beats a Minute The normal resting heart rate for an adult ranges from 60 to 100 beats per minute. But some researchers believe it may be time to re-examine what’s considered normal.

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