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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Fuchs' dystrophy be cured?

Your provider can treat Fuchs’ dystrophy, but they can’t cure it. Your provider may choose observation during the early stages. Later treatment may include: When Fuchs’ starts to limit vision, surgery is the definitive treatment. A partial-thickness internal corneal transplant (endothelial keratoplasty) is the standard surgery.

Can I get a cornea transplant for Fuchs' dystrophy?

But most people with Fuchs' dystrophy don't develop symptoms until they reach their 50s or 60s. Some medications and self-care steps may help relieve your Fuchs' dystrophy signs and symptoms. But when the disorder is advanced and you've lost vision, the only way to restore vision is with cornea transplant surgery.

What are the symptoms of Fuchs' dystrophy?

This swelling, called corneal edema, causes clouding or blurring of vision. One of the first signs of Fuchs’ dystrophy is blurred vision, caused by fluid buildup in the cornea. In early stages of the disease, the excess fluid builds up overnight during sleep, causing blurry vision and/or discomfort when waking in the morning.

Is there a Magic Bullet for Fuchs' dystrophy?

While there is still no magic bullet for Fuchs’ dystrophy, the prognosis for surgical intervention and visual recovery is now much brighter than ever before. Patients no longer must fear the arduous and uncertain postoperative period that inevitably follows penetrating keratoplasty.

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