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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the formsrus membership?

St. Louis REALTORS® has partnered with formsRus to provide this member benefit. With formsRus you can create your electronic forms library in an online, editable, fillable, and calculable format (as required) and provide everything you need to manage all of your company documents online to go paperless with a single platform!

Where can I find contracts and forms order form in Missouri?

Be sure to check out the most up-to-date contracts and forms order form. NCR Residential Contracts and Forms are also available for purchase in the St. Louis REALTORS® Shoppe. It is a violation of Missouri law to use forms for which the approval has been withdrawn. St. Louis REALTORS® will not defend the use of withdrawn forms.

What's new with formsrus?

Technology updates have allowed us to activate a single sign-on that allows you to use the same username and password for and Missouri REALTORS® website/The Landing. Your formsRus username and password is now the same one that you currently have set up through Missouri REALTORS®.

Does St Louis realtors® have a partnership with formsrus?

Additionally, St. Louis REALTORS® has partnered with formsRus to provide our members with an exclusive benefit! Members receive 10 free signature requests per month when they use formsRus!

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