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Frequently Asked Questions

Is DuckDuckGo a better search engine than Google?

What search engine is better than Google? DuckDuckGo, which was founded back in 2008, is perhaps the most widely known Google search rival. At the start of 2021, its privacy-focused search engine passed more than 100 million daily search queries for the first time – and has since been averaging around 90 million per month.

What makes DuckDuckGo different from other search engines?

Unlike most other search engines, DuckDuckGo is an anonymous search engine that limits browsing data collection and annoying ads. DuckDuckGo works like any other search engine, but doesn’t base its results on profiles of collected user data.

Is DuckDuckGo safer than Bing?

So, is one search engine better than the other? No, not at all. It just depends what you’re looking for. If you want privacy, DuckDuckGo is a safe route. Or, maybe you prefer those added conveniences, then Google and Bing are both some great options–it’s totally up to you. What search engine do you use?

Is DuckDuckGo's search engine better than Google?

If you use Google, I encourage you to keep reading. DuckDuckGo is a better search engine and I hope more people start making the switch. One of DuckDuckGo's biggest selling points is that they protect your privacy when you search. DuckDuckGo does not store or collect your personal information or search history.

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