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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 8 ball pool - Miniclip?

All in all 8 Ball Pool - Miniclip is a fun game to play and will help pass the time if you're prepared to practice a little. 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip is the biggest and best multiplayer Pool game online! Play for free against other players and friends in 1-on-1 matches, and enter multiplayer tournaments for the billiards crown.

Where to download 8 ball pool?

The game is available to download for Android devices from the Google store. It is also available for iOS devices from the app store. The game plays perfectly well with a number of browsers, too, so long as Flash is able to function. How Do You Win Tournaments in 8 Ball Pool?

How to play 8 ball pool on Chrome?

Enter the Pool Shop and customize your game with exclusive cues and cloths. This is the complete online 8 Ball Pool experience. This is the only Chrome Extension that allow you to play 8 ball pool game by miniclip. This is the only extension that will bring 8 ball pool to your chrome taskbar!

Can you play 8 ball pool anonymously?

The game allows you to play anonymously or through an avatar if you log in. Is 8 Ball Pool Free? Yes, the game is free to download and to play. Supporting a number of European languages, it does have in-app purchases, however, such as fees for purchasing coins or for upgrading your cue.

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