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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the dental intelligence app worth it?

The app is a must have for any modern dental practice!" Dental Intelligence is always working behind the scenes, tracking everything in your practice from financials to performance. Always gathering data, analyzing, and finding opportunities for you. We remove the guesswork so you know precisely what to work on and when.

What is dental intelligence's mission?

Simply put, our mission is to change lives. Are you in? watch a Demo. See how thousands of practices are using Dental Intelligence to track everything, save time, find hidden revenue, fill schedules, keep patients coming back, increase production & so much more.

What can I do with dental intel on my iPhone?

With Dental Intel's new application for iPhone, you can quickly check today’s schedule, team performance to goal, see which patients are coming in and for what treatment, any outstanding balances for each patient, and so much more.

What is the best software for dentists?

Dental Intelligence is more than just the smartest software ever built for dentists... We’re on a mission to help you provide more, even better dentistry, to improve your team’s collaboration and performance, and to improve the overall health and profitability of your practice. Simply put, our mission is to change lives.

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