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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it common for dogs to get dental caries?

Dental Caries in Dogs. Dental caries is a condition in which the dental hard tissues decay as the result of oral bacteria on the tooth surface. While dental caries is not common in the domestic pet, it does occur and should be watched for.

What kind of caries does a dog have?

Caries can affect the crown or the roots of the teeth, and is classified as pit-and-fissure caries, smooth-surface caries, or root caries. There is no known breed, age, or gender risk. The condition or disease described in this medical article can affect both dogs and cats.

Can a dog with xerostomia get caries?

Dogs suffering from xerostomia are at an increased risk of the development of dental caries, and in these cases, caries lesions can also be found on the crown wall, close to the gingival margin.

What is the most common site of dental caries?

The most common sites of caries lesions are the occlusal pits of the molar teeth, and the developmental grooves of the maxillary fourth premolar teeth and the mandibular first molar teeth (Figure 1).

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