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Frequently Asked Questions

What's wrong with Beaumont anesthesiology?

Beaumont veterans are appalled by the limited experience and skill levels of many of the replacements and temps. One veteran Beaumont anesthesiology professiona l said there has been a surge of rare epidural complications at the hospital known as Post Dural Puncture Headache, including four over a two-day period. Another issue is lack of backup.

Do they intubate in Beaumont hospitals?

A veteran Beaumont anesthesia specialist said prior to NorthStar’s arrival Beaumont required that even routine procedures requiring intubation be performed in the surgical wards, where there’s emergency backup immediately available if things go south, as they did with the colonoscopy patient.

Did Beaumont Hospital employees steal medical devices from hospital?

Federal prosecutors this month charged two former Beaumont employees with stealing medical devices from the hospital and selling them via the internet for more than $560,000.

What happened to the colonoscopy patient in Beaumont?

The colonoscopy patient death isn’t a one-off tragic Beaumont incident. Channel 7 reported in May that at the height of the COVID pandemic in Michigan Beaumont was transferring patients on ventilators to other area hospitals, including one listed as unstable for transport. That patient died during the transfer.

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