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Is Slipknot's Corey Taylor bitter about MGK's'ticket to my Downfall'?

After getting a ton of media for his quote, MGK tweeted earlier today alluding to Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor being bitter for being rejected on a guest spot on MGK's recent punk album, Tickets to My Downfall. MGK wrote "Corey did a verse for a song on Tickets To My Downfall album, it was fucking terrible, so I didn’t use it.

What did MGK say about Corey Haim on Twitter?

After the controversy dominated social media feeds throughout the day, MGK chimed in on Twitter at 6 p.m. to offer some context behind his comments. "Corey did a verse for a song on [ Tickets to My Downfall ]," the 31-year-old wrote.

What is the controversy between MGK and Taylor Swift?

The controversy apparently goes back to when MGK wanted to collaborate with the band on his now award-winning album ‘Tickets to My Downfall’. It is believed that Kelly’s onstage diss came after Taylor in one of his recent interviews said, “I hate all new rock for the most part.

Did MGK record a demo track for Taylor Swift's new song?

MGK goes on to say he added a bridge and another verse to the track and recorded a demo track of how he thought Taylor should sing the song, particularly in the style that Taylor used on Slipknot's "Psychosocial." Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading.

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