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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dangerous GPU temp?

CPU danger temperature is around 75-85C (check the CPU's tech specs) GPU danger temperature is around 90-95C. HDD danger temperature is around 60-65C. Threshold temperatures are also pretty standard once again due to the reasons specified under the danger zone temperatures.

What temp is too high for GPU?

Temperatures in the 70's aren't really high for a GPU under heavy use. Anything under 80 is very unlikely to damage the chip, and most can go into the 90s. Although temperatures in the 70's for a GPU are indeed normal, to know if the card is working good you require do to more research.

What temp should your GPU be?

A good rule of thumb is to keep your CPU below 70 degrees Celsius and your GPU below 85 degrees Celsius. Also, you can do several things to keep the temperatures down, like for example cleaning your air sink, checking the airflow in your case, or buy some better coolers.

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