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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cleverbot a real person or a computer?

User: I’m the real one, you were talking to a fake cleverbot. Cleverbot: Then why are you called cleverbot, thats not a very common human name. User: Cleverbot is just a computer you see. Cleverbot: Thats weird. User: Cleverbot is not a human! Cleverbot: Cleverbot is human.

Is Cleverbot a human or really a robot?

I have a firm belief that “cleverbot” (google it) is actually run by humans… It takes seconds to reply. Every other chat bot can reply instantly It is about a million times more intelligent than other chatbots, including one made by Ray Kurzweil. It can easily handle typos and sometimes makes typos itself.

What is Cleverbot and is it safe?

What is Cleverbot and is it safe? In short, cleverbot is a chatbot, i.e, an automatic message replier, which would reply either correctly or incorrectly to any message of yours sent to it.

Is Cleverbot a real person?

Cleverbot (BPG) Cleverbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) program created to communicate with people around the world without Cleverbot itself being a real person at all. It learns from others, meaning that it gains it's intelligence from real people who talk to it. It is revealed to be the beta, defective version of the program GLaDOS ...

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