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Frequently Asked Questions

How to manually download and install a Chrome extension?

Click on the Chrome main menu and select “Extensions” from the “More tools” option. Here click on the “Developer mode” toggle at the top-right corner to enable it. You cannot install Chrome extensions manually without enabling this option.

What is the best Chrome extension for downloading?

Download Plus is a simple yet handy download manager extension for Google Chrome. The extension shows you the list of downloaded items, along with the option to search them. From here, you can even delete (either from the list or local storage) and open downloads in the folder. Similarly, you can pause/resume the downloading of files.

What are the benefits of using a download manager extension for Chrome?

Download Manager is another easy-to-use extension for those who want a simplified way of managing their downloads. With Download Manager, you can download images, videos, audio, and links with a few clicks. Download Manager adds a download option in the right-click context menu when you click on any image/video.

What are some popular Chrome extensions?

Most common files inside the chrome extension folder are JS, CSS, HTML and JSON. You can open these files in any Text editor like Notepad or maybe some sophisticated text editors.

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