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Frequently Asked Questions

What airlines fly to Chatham Island?

Chatham Island is just a two-hour flight from Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch airports with d omestic airline Air Chathams operating regular weekday flights to Chatham Island Airport (Tuuta Airport) . Air Chathams also operates flights from Chatham Island to Pitt Island. This is a small six-seater plane and is also the islands' freight plane.

Where is the closest airport to Chatham?

Chatham Islands / Tuuta Airport ( IATA: CHT, ICAO: NZCI) is an airport 10.5 nautical miles (19.4 km; 12.1 mi) northeast of Waitangi Township on the Chatham Islands, New Zealand .

How do I get to the Chatham Islands?

Flights to the Chatham Islands Air Chathams operates year-round, weekday flights from Auckland Airport, Wellington and Christchurch, with increased services in the summer months from Auckland on Saturdays. Flight time is just two hours and aviation enthusiasts will surely enjoy the flight on Air Chathams 1950's Convair 580 aircraft.

Where is Air Chathams based?

Air Chathams Limited is an airline based in the Chatham Islands, New Zealand. [3] It was established in 1984 and operates scheduled passenger services between the Chatham Islands and mainland New Zealand along with routes between Auckland and Whakatāne, and Auckland and Whanganui. Its main base is Chatham Islands / Tuuta Airport. [4]

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