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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bodyguard and what do they do?

While the term bodyguard is mentioned in a variety of different scenarios, it actually describes a very specific role. He or she is a person who specializes in the protection of an individual, or in some cases, a group of people. They often work in teams to cover 24/7 protection or, in the case of certain VIPs who require multiple guards at one time, within a team known as a Security Detail.

How bad is to be a bodyguard?

Serving as a bodyguard is one of those jobs that the public views as rife with excitement. A bodyguard is always on edge, ready to reach for his gun and engage in battle to protect his charge. However, any guard that is frequently called upon to perform violence is probably bad at his job.

What is the job description for a bodyguard?

What Is the Job Description for a Bodyguard? A bodyguard provides personal protection for a client, keeping them safe from physical threats like assault, theft, kidnapping, or assassination. In this career, you may also protect the client’s belongings and privacy at the client’s request.

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