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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Belk have an associate discount?

Belk gives its employees a merchandise discount. it is a 20% off discount. The associate discount could be used with sales. The only way you can use your discount of 20% is if you purchase with cash, check, or Belk card. They provide 20% discount at all their retail locations.

How do I contact Belk customer service?

Chat or Send a Message Customer Service: 1-866-235-5443 Mon - Fri: 9AM - 8PM (EST) Sat - Sun: 10AM - 6PM (EST) Belk Rewards Card:

How do I redeem Belk reward dollars?

Belk Reward Dollars can be redeemed in Belk stores, online at or in the Belk App towards purchases made with your Belk Rewards+ credit card. To redeem in store, have an associate either scan your QR Code (in your Belk APP), lookup your account using your Belk Rewards+ card or hand them your Belk Reward Dollars.

What insurance does Belk offer?

You have the option to obtain coverage including auto, home, and pet insurance as well as identity theft protection and legal plans. You can also take advantage of Belk's tuition reimbursement plan, and exclusive discounts and deals.

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