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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Ariana Grande so perfect?

As Ariana is famous for her amazing vocal range, it is no surprise that she is able to use her whistle register. The whistle register is the highest register that a singer can use and typically between the notes of high C or C6 and F6 but can extend above.

Does Ariana Grande really love her fans?

Ariana Grande is a music, dancing, and acting sensation. No matter how you feel about her, you can't deny the fact that she makes headlines for her musical talent, hot videos, vocal range, and controversial comments. Some of the coverage is positive and she has a whole bunch of fans who love her, but sometimes the coverage isn't so great.

Does Ariana Grande have a new boyfriend?

Ariana Grande just released her new single, “Boyfriend,” and now there are reports that she actually has a new one. Page Six is reporting that the singer is dating Social House member Mikey Foster. The pair just worked together – with other Social House member, Scootie – on “Boyfriend” too. As Page Six explains, “We’re told Grande and Foster have been seeing each other for a while.

What is Ariana Grande afraid of?

The American singer revealed one of the worst things that could ever happen and it's her biggest fear. One of the biggest phobias Ariana Grande (22) is not able to sing more for possible damaged of her vocal cords. " One of my biggest fears is that something happens to my voice, the vocal cords are very fragile, " says the singer.

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