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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ariana Grande's cloud perfume?

Created by famed perfumer Clement Gavarry, Cloud is the sixth fragrance in Ariana Grande’s perfume line. Cloud is a sweet, light fragrance that’s perfect to wear during spring picnics at the park and warm, summer vacations. Cloud features great longevity, considering the fact that it’s a very crisp, intimate scent.

How much does cloud Ariana Grande EDP women cost?

Although the gourmand notes are neutral, the fragrance contains a not prominent but noticeable floral accord. AGES: Any. RECOMMENDATION: Cloud Ariana Grande EDP Women can be purchased for about $50. It is a delicious and great performing perfume, ideal for those looking for a good quality gourmand fragrance.

What do you think of Ariana Grande's coconut scent?

The coconut notes are most obvious to me upon spraying - followed by warm vanilla. I can see how people can enjoy this scent, however the coconut lingers in an unpleasant way to my liking. Overall, I prefer other fragrances in Ariana Grande's collection, such as Ari. This one is a pass from me!

Is cloud a good perfume?

Also one of my perfumes that gets complimented. Despite having some of the most gorgeous notes: lavender, pear, praline, whipped cream, coconut, and musk, Cloud still comes across as a very high quality drugstore fragrance.

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