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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Allison Payne WGN News?

CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago television icon Allison Payne has died. The longtime news anchor spent 21 years at WGN-TV before retiring 10 years ago. The station said Payne returned home to her native Detroit in 2011, following a series of health issues. She was 57 years old.

Who was Allison Payne and how did she die?

Who was WGN-TV anchor Allison Payne and how did she die? CHICAGO'S WGN-TV is mourning one of their own after a former 21-year anchor passed away. Allison Payne passed away on September 1. She was 57-years-old. Who was WGN-TV anchor Allison Payne? Michigan native Payne got her start at WGN-TV in 1990 at the age of 25.

Why did Kelly Payne leave Chicago TV news?

Before her departure from Chicago TV news, Payne described suffering a series of mini-strokes. She also opened up about struggles with depression and alcohol dependence. Skilling, who worked alongside Payne during her 21 years at the station, said Payne was a delight.

What did Ann Payne do for Chicago Journalism?

Payne played an influential part in many Chicago reporters and producers’ careers. Her door was always open to aspiring, young journalists, who looked to her for advice. She routinely would review scripts and offer feedback in a way “no other anchor did,” Baftiri said.

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